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Quick Dishes

Let's face it. We don't always have time to cook, and other times we want something like a grilled cheese sandwich.


Being new to a vegan diet, it may seem like there is nothing but salads to eat.


Here are several dishes that are not only fast, but also some will bring back some of those favorite dishes without eating any animals!

Orange Chick'n (Vegan)

You will need one of these. By itself, they are not too bad. Make it better by adding  some nuts like pecans, cashews, walnuts, or even peanuts.

Here is how I cook it:


Fry the chick'n pieces in some olive oil until golden brown, and crispy over medium heat. They can be cooked in the oven too, check the package directions on how to do that.


Once, they have browned, add the sauce that is in the package. Stir the chick'n pieces in the sauce for a couple of minutes. The sauce should have reduced, and the chick'n is glazed. Add, 1/2 cup or more of nuts to the sauce and chick'n. Cook for another minute, or until the sauce has been cooked down to glaze everything.


It is done at this point. Serve over some rice, and top with some cooked asparagus, broccoli, or green beans.


If you want to kick it up even more, add some toasted sesame seeds, and sliced green onions.


This turns out so well, you may want to make a double batch!

Grilled Cheese Sandwich (Vegan & can be gluten free)

I know this sounds weird, but this vegan grilled cheese is really good!


Follow Your Heart brand american cheese slices taste great, and has that gooey cheesy texture. Use some Nutiva shortening on some bread instead of butter.


This cheese takes a little longer to melt compared to typical animal based american cheese. You can cook on the stove over lower heat, and for a couple minutes longer.


If you are in more of a hurry, put the sandwich in the microwave for about 30 seconds to heat the cheese up a little bit before frying will speed things along.

Pizza Bread (Vegan & can be gluten free)

This only takes about 5 minutes to cook in a toaster oven. Use your favorite pasta or marinara sauce over your favorite gluten-free or gluten-full bread. Cook in a toaster oven on high for about 5 minutes, or bake in a 425o oven for about 8-10 minutes, or until the bread is toasted and the cheese bubbling.



The Follow Your Heart brand makes 4 flavors of sliced cheese, and 2 versions of shredded cheese. I have only used the sliced cheese (carrageenan-free), but the shredded cheese contains carrageenan.

 Chick'n Slider (Vegan)

Gardein brand crispy chick'n sliders are quick, and if you add some sliced tomato and basil; they taste great.


My kids like to dip the plain sliders in some pasta sauce. Cooking on the stove as directed taste the best way, but can be cooked in the microwave if you need it fast.

 Buttery Popcorn (Vegan & gluten free)

Take some basic plain popcorn kernels with some Nutiva Shortening, and cook stove top in a covered sauce pan over medium heat. If you want a more intense buttery flavor, try Nutiva's sustainably-sourced red palm oil.

 Fishless Filets (Vegan)

Gardein brand fishless filets taste better than regular fish fillets. A little lemon juice and cocktail sauce is great, or plain with ketchup for the kids. They do take about 25 minutes in the oven.