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Homemade Hemp Wick from Marijuana stems!

Often, many parts of the marijuana plant are considered waste. The main stem potentially has some industrial properties. The thin outer layer of the stem is made of very strong fibers, and can be easily made into wick or even rope!

Make sure the stems are completely dry.

Trim off all the smaller stems that branch off the main stem

This is the outer layer of the stem we need to make wick. They will peel off easily after the stem has been completely dried. Simply smash the stem with a hammer to break the stem and loosen the fibers.

These fibers can be twisted together to make longer threads, and then the threads can be braided or twisted together to make wick.

Twist together enough fibers to make 2 equal sized strings. Bring both together, and tightly wrap one string around the other 3-4 times; wrapping the string downward.


Pinch the twisted part, and take the other string. Wrap it tightly in the opposite direction 2 times. Now just repeat the process until it is done. Watch the video for a visual!


The wick does not seem to burn well on its own. It does burn if there is some wax on it for a candle. For lighting the wick by itself, coat in a small amount of oil, terpenes, or some essential oils to help the wick ignite. If you have enough fibers, a rope can even be made.