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Curing Problems

Home growers will often run into temperature and humidity problems while trying to dry and cure their weed. Grow books recommend a humidity of 45-55%, and a temperature of 65-75oF.


The biggest thing we have to worry about is mold. This happens when the temperature or humidity is too high, among many other possibilities. I usually have to cure in temperature in the mid 80o's, and humidity can vary from 15%-99% (summer heat to rainy weather). This variation has even happened just a few days into curing.


I have tried several different methods to help deal with moisture build up, and preventing mold. There are drawbacks to each method, but it is better than losing the whole batch.


While the buds are curing in a jar, check them everyday. If the sides of the inside of the jar is wet, and the buds feel dry/warm; then leave the jar open for a few hours. It is a good idea to empty the jar and inspect all of the buds for moisture.


If the buds feel cold, or feel wet, spread the flowers out on some parchment paper. Having a fan circulate the air around is helpful. Even just a small office fan will work. Depending on temperature, humidity, and how wet the buds are will determine how long the need to stay out for. That can range from a couple of hours to overnight.


Once the flowers feel warm and dry, it is safe to put back into a jar.


There are humidicant and dessicant packets available to help with these problems. These all can be helpful, but each have benefits and drawbacks.


Flower buds that have been dried enough, and cured in a glass jar without any packets will taste and smell better than using them. This is assuming if drying and curing with close to the proper humidity. That is not always possible, so here are some options to help.

I tried the Integra Boost brand 55% and 62% humidicant packets as well as a silica packet. Boveda also makes humidicant packets as well. Click below to check the reviews on Amazon.com, and see which brand might be right for you!



Integra Boost 55%


I have found this to be more useful when the temperature is too low, and the humidity too high. Especially during the rainy, winter weather.


This one seemed to leave more terpenes on the flowers, but the 62% cured the bud slightly more evenly.

Integra Boost 62%


For me, the 62% was a little better with hot and dry weather. It also seemed to absorb the terpenes a little faster than the 55%, but cured the bud a little more evenly than the 55%.

Silica packets


They better than nothing if your going to get mold from moisture problems. They do not dry the buds as evenly as compared to the humidicant packets. Silica packets took a week longer to cure compared to the humidicant packets.


Try not to use for longer than a week, the longer any type of hummidicant/dessicant packets are used; flavor/terpenes are lost!


If I need to use any of these packets, 5 days tends to be as long as I use them unless the buds are too moist. Properly dried buds shouldn't need them, or for very long. These packets are very useful in preventing mold, and most growers have had to deal with that at some point!