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3 Ways to clone your plants Aeroponic

This is my preferred method to clone. It is the easiest, quickest, and produces a very strong root system within 14 days! There is no need for a humidity dome. Here are a couple links to Amazon if you want to see the system. I use the 16 cutting system, but they also have a unit that will handle up to 128 cuttings!

After clipping the off the cutting, let the cut side soak in some water for at least 5 minutes. This prevents air from entering the stem, and possibly killing the it.


Trim the leaves down like shown, this will help speed up root development by not spending energy keeping leaves alive.


Dip in some cloning gel, and wrap with a cloning collar. Place them into the aeroponic cloner. (as shown in video)

Ph is very critical for aeroponics, and ideal is about 5.9. Once I switched over to advanced nutrients, I have not tested the ph. I get excellent results every time. I use distilled water, but reverse osmosis is fine as well.


The water needs to be changed every 3-5 days, and the unit needs to be cleaned in between uses. Be sure to check the manufacturer for cleaning instructions. EZ-Clone has great YouTube instructions for cleaning.


ClearRez is a solution to help reduce the overgrowth of bacteria. If too much bacteria grows in the cloner, the clones will die of disease and rot. (link is on the above Amazon ad)

Once the roots have developed, place them in soil, rockwool, or however you like to grow. Give a light dose of nutrients. Advanced Nutrients has the easiest way to mix nutrients!

Up next, we have Air-Layering

Watch the video at the top of the page to see how I air-layered.


Some of the outer stem is scraped off to stimulate root growth. Rooting gel is applied to where the scraping was done. 1.5 inch rock-wool worked the best for me. Cut down one side so it will open up like a C. Wrap the rock-wool around the scraped area, and secure it tightly with some twist ties. A tomato cage, or something to support the stems is helpful.; they are weighed down from the rock-wool.


Wrap in some foil, with an opening at the top to add water. Twice a day is usually enough, but when the roots develop, 3 times a day will be needed. Once the roots look like the above picture, it is time to cut them down. Place them in soil, or larger rock-wool, or however.

At Last! Here is basic cloning

This method takes the longest, and has the least developed roots. Cloning like this can add an extra month on to your growing time!

As shown in the video, keep cuttings in water for at least 5 minutes. Clean up the cutting as shown above to speed up root development. Scrape the end of the stem a little to stimulate more root growth before dipping in rooting gel. Place the cutting in some rock-wool that was soaked in water (ph 5.9) for a couple of hours.

Keep the cuttings under 18 or 24 hours of light. Keep the humidity dome closed up for the first couple of days, and then open up the valve (shown right) on the 3rd day to keep things ventilated. Also, during the first couple of days, open up the down. Things get stuffy in there!

Once the roots start to show like this, then it is time to move them into soil, drip system, or however you grow!


If you do use a heating mat, keep a space in between the mat and the propagator. They often get too hot for the roots. Old silicon wax containers work great as a spacer!

Vegan Health Recipes Cannabis Topics